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How to loupe a jewellery piece with a 10x loupe

Louping a precious stone can sometimes to be quite a hard experience for beginners, but at this moment in time, all of those who deal with jewellery or have purchased a piece and would like to check it for imperfections should be able to use a loupe in order to spot them. While some studies have shown that more than 80% of those who purchase precious stones often have no idea on how to loupe what they buy, this guide has been created with the main scope of fixing just that.

Why You Should Loupe a Precious Stone or Expensive Jewellery?

Using a loupe to examine a precious stone or an expensive piece of jewellery isn't always necessary, and it's something which many people have never felt the need to do before in their lives. A lot of people who own expensive jewellery items wouldn't even be able to tell you what a loupe looks like, let alone know how to use one. However, these small but useful items will magnify a precious stone, gem or piece of jewellery, allowing you to inspect it, for whatever reason you may need to. 10x loupes are among the most common, while 15x, 20x and even 30x are available if you need something stronger.

How to use a gemmologist loupe

As you may already know, a loupe is a special magnifier that managed to amplify even the slightest details on an object. While they are mostly used by gemmologists and jewellers, knowing how to use a gemmologist loupe is an essential skill that just about everyone around the world should try to master at one point in time. 

With this factor in mind, as gemmologist loupes can reveal a lot of hidden features in the stone which is being inspected, these are also fun to use at the same time, while also revealing interesting facts about the structure of certain stones. 

Buying a Loupe: Which Magnification Should You Choose?

When working with jewellery, one of the tools which you will never cease to have in your toolbox is a loupe. Many professional jewellers have a huge range of loupes of various sizes and qualities and with different features. When you choose a loupe, you'll have to think about the magnification you need to buy, since they're not all the same and choosing the right one is important.  

In most cases, you won't require more than a 10x loupe

Choosing a Jeweller's Loupe

As a jeweller, you are required to deal with small and intricate parts on a daily basis. Without a tool such as a loupe, it's impossible to examine the fine detail and markings which are found on pieces of gold, silver and other substances. Magnifying the pieces of jewellery is an essential factor in ensuring that you can fulfil your job to the highest standard, so a magnifying tool like the loupe is a must-have in any jeweller's toolbox.

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