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Belomo Factory

BelOMA (widely known as BelOMO) stands for the Вelаrusiаn Оpticаl and Mеchaniсаl Аssоciаtiоn that was founded in 1971. However, its historical roots come from the foundation of the Minsk Mechanical Works in 1957. This factory was engaged in producing optical devices and photocameras.

As the Association, BelOMO took the leading position in the optical industry sector of the former USSR and included the following plants:

  1. BelOMO (Minsk) – former Minsk Mechanical Works. It produced very sophisticated optical equipment like topographic and space equipment and systems, sights used for armored vehicles, laser-targeting apparatus and so on
  2. "Diaprojector" (Rogachev) – produced different sighting and guidance apparatus, as well as slide projectors
  3. "Zenit" (Vileyka) – produced cameras and scope sights used with small arms weapons
  4. "Svet" (Zhlobin) – had such production as enlarging machines, reproduction equipment and optical equipment.
  5. LEMT (Minsk) – this unitary enterprise was established in the 90s and specialized in producing medical instruments and laser equipment.