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BelOMO 15x Triplet Jewelers Loupe Magnifier. 9mm (.35")

The BelOMO 15x jewelers triplet loupe stands out as a top-quality magnifying tool. Its designation as a triplet signifies the incorporation of three achromatic, color-correcting, and anti-reflective lenses, ensuring clear and precise observation of even the smallest objects.

This 15x jewelers magnifier from BelOMO is both sturdy and easy to handle, featuring a steel outer casing for protection against mechanical damage, complemented by a reliable plastic interior. Its exceptional precision and the ability to produce bright and distinct images make it versatile for various professions, including stamp collectors, fine art experts, gemologists, macro photographers, geologists, coin collectors, entomologists, art conservators, as well as watchmakers or watch repairers. The BelOMO 15x loupe proves indispensable across diverse fields where precision and clarity are paramount.

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The BelOMO 15x triplet Loupe Magnifier is an briliant-quality anti-reflective coating pocket size loupe

The BelOMO 15x is the 15x power loupe of numismatists, geologists, rock hounds, jewelers, art critics, restorers, philatelists and fountain pen owners.

Handheld BelOMO 15x loupe magnifier is the best for following purposes:

  • Identifying rocks and minerals
  • Identifying and inspecting gems
  • Magnifying stamps
  • Magnifying coins
  • Magnifying insects
  • Inspecting mechanical parts
  • Inspecting linen
  • Specification


    Magnification ratio 15 times
    Optical schema Achromatic Triplet
    Focal distance 17,2 - 17,65mm (0.68 inch)
    Linear field of view 9mm (0.35 inch)
    Overall dimensions 36 x 28 x 25 mm (1.54 x 1.1 x 0.98 inch)
    Weight 0.0600


    Perfect!Review by Ehleighen
    Very fast shipping! This 15x is great!
    I first bought a so-called 40x magnifier from Amazon for checking the color of trichomes and it was definitely not a 40x. I can’t even tell if trichomes are cloudy or clear.
    I heard about the Belomo 15x on a forum and was hesitant to pay this price when the other magnifier was only $6. But I should have listened to the forum and bought this first.
    I like it enough that I’m buying the 20x tonight. Just curious how much more detail I’ll be able to see with the 20x.
    This Belomo seems very well made and sturdy. Glad I bought it. (Posted on 5/28/2022)
    15xReview by Gnick
    this is absolutely perfect for looking at your trichomes for a perfect harvest..
    you could say in comparison to the crappy ones on amazon that are of a 30x/60x that this one would be like 75-100x and with total clear viewing area..
    trust me growers this is what you want! (Posted on 1/30/2022)
    Good quality, worth the priceReview by Biology Student
    I was looking for something portable that I could use to watch plants and insects. I was a bit worried about loupe having a too shallow depth of field to be useful (some people say this about 20x loupe). I'm happy to say that it's not the case. It serves its purpose well and materials are good quality. Loupe seems to be sturdy and does not fling itself open on its own.

    Delivery took roughly a month but I always knew where the package is (thanks to the tracking number) and customer support was quite helpful.

    Worth the price. (Posted on 11/15/2021)
    Good dealReview by Anngrim Boger
    I kept an eye on the 15x BelOMO loupe long ago. Finally, I decided to connect with the vendor and we set up a short Skype call. To be sure I was doing the right choice I asked the vendor to tell me about the loupe and to show it on the screen. He convinced me of high quality and long service life of this Belorussian brand loupe, otherwise he would send my money back. Straight to the point, the glass consists of three achromatic and antireflection lenses which ensure distinct and precise examination. Two more positive features I would like to mention are antireflection coating and color correction that enable the viewer to obtain bright and clear image. The design is moderate and simple. The body of the loupe is made of steel. I recommend 15x BelOMO loupe. (Posted on 12/29/2015)
    Good!Review by Betty SL
    I’ve carefully examined all the recommendations, reviews, ratings and feedbacks of the hand-held magnifiers, as I wanted the correct item to begin with. I liked the BelOMO 15x magnifier most of all. I believe it is the optimal price-quality ratio. 15x power triplet is just exactly as described in the guidance. Also I decided to complete it with the branded lanyard.
    P.S The shipping was fast and the seller was always in contact.
    I can recommend this device for everybody!
    (Posted on 12/22/2015)
    Highly recommendReview by Anastacia M
    Belomo 15x lens magnifier was my first purchase of this brand. And I consider it to be a good investment. Straight to my impressions of the Belomo triplet loupe. Pros: large viewing area, bright and clear view, versatile lens that provides ample magnification, optical-grade glass is near perfect. Cons : they just have not been found. The current 30$ is a good deal . You won’t be disappointed. Highly recommend Belomo magnifiers. (Posted on 11/26/2015)
    Nice shoot , Belomo Review by Pablo-Jose Ignacio
    A very handy 15x triplet loupe designed for identifying and magnifying stamps, coins, gems, prints, and etc. The high-quality optics provides sharp, accurate and bright image. This distinguishes them from cheap Chinese loupes which are just waste of money. Personally, I use it for gem examination in respect of external defects. If I need one more loupe, I’ll definitely choose BelOMO. By the way, thanks to the seller for quick shipment and reasonable price.
    To sum it up, a top-quality magnifier for those needing the extra magnification.
    (Posted on 11/19/2015)
    RecommendationsReview by Anastacia Rams
    I have carried Belomo magnifier for about 2 years. Originally I brought one,15x, to look at coins, but I have used it to look at everything. The loupe is exactly as described in its official specifications. I even accidentally dropped it several times, hopefully, the loupe still functions well. The body is made of solid steel, that’s why the loupe seems to be fairly durable. The Belomo 15x triplet lens is really very good and is intended for the professional use, providing clear and undistorted image. I will recommend the Belomo for those who wanna get а powerful magnifier for many years to come. (Posted on 11/16/2015)
    Pretty decentReview by Lane Swanson
    I have done some hunting for 15x magnifiers on different websites. And i believe my BelOMO 15x to be pretty decent. I’ve already been using it for several years, and it has never failed. The metal solid housing of the loupe seems to make it into a long-life article, protecting the glass from scratches. The lens itself is made of three elements (the so-called “triplet”) that ensure distinct and precise view. There is no distortion even along the edges of the lens. One more thing I like about BelOMO 15 x magnifier is that you can work with it for a long time, and your eyes don’t even have to strain. The BelOMO’s quality is so good that it worth its 30$. This is my tried-and-true “friend”. (Posted on 10/30/2015)
    I can suggest itReview by Jack Steves
    Got my order 2 weeks ago and decided to leave my comment here. To tell the truth, I secretly hoped it wouldn’t leave me unsatisfied. And it didn’t. I was fantastically surprised at the quality of that BelOMO magnifier. 15х triplet loupe lenses make the image much sharper, the view is bigger and much clearer. But what was more important for me is that it really corrects the color. So you can see the precise color of the precious stones. That BelOMO loupe really fits for jewelry industry. Before ordering I’ve read so many customers’ reviews, and, finally, made my choice in favor of BelOMO 15x. Now, I can suggest it to everyone looking for the right optical device. (Posted on 10/19/2015)
    Thanks for good service.Review by Abhilasha
    Firstly I doubted because of the unknown Belarusian brand BelOMO but finally gave the product a chance. The loupe was exactly like in description. 15X magnification is enough for close up work. By the way, the seller is reliable. Delivery was fast and was registered, so I could trace it in my country. Thanks for good service. (Posted on 6/13/2015)

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